Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Precision of Thought, SE9 Container Gallery, London

Curated by Matthew Macaulay, Classroom, Coventry

Artists include
Louisa Chambers, Chris Daniels, Lisa Denyer, Andrew Graves, Trevor Sutton, James Faure Walker, Jonathan Waller, Anthony Whishaw, Gary Wragg

To draw is to make an idea precise. Drawing is the precision of thought.
Henri Matisse

James Elkins in correspondence with John Berger wrote that drawing is the ‘invaluable record of the encounter of a moving, thinking hand with the mesmerising space of potential forms that it simply called a “blank sheet of paper”.’ Drawing was once considered in the Western academic tradition, to be the foundation of art education, and the mother of all the arts. The importance placed on drawing has been abandoned by most art schools as an irrelevant activity of a time past. John Elderfield in 1982 described drawing as the most resistant of all the modern arts to define. This exhibition takes its focus from the way in which eight painters individually approach drawing. 

Images of some of the artworks in the exhibition below:

Artworks by Louisa Chambers
Jazzy II, Louisa Chambers

Innermost, Louisa Chambers
Folded Form I, Louisa Chambers
Artwork by Trevor Sutton
Artwork by Andrew Graves
Artworks by Chris Daniels

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