Friday, 27 December 2013


Puzzle, 2013, gouache on card, 22 x 16 cm

This small painting is called Puzzle. I was thinking of a child’s sliding plastic puzzle that has sixteen pieces (one missing so you can move the pieces) when constructing the shapes in the painting. The puzzle could never be realised due to the irregular forms and instead I wanted the eye to swivel around the colourful composition. 

First Come First Served, Lion and Lamb Gallery

One of my first experiments with gouache entitled 'Puzzle' is currently in the exhibition First Come First Served at the Lion and Lamb Gallery in London. The gallery is situated within an East London pub in Hoxton and has around ten to eleven exhibitions a year which are curated by painters. The unusual context of the gallery allows a somewhat unexpected experience with viewing Contemporary painting.

Installation view- Puzzle, 2013, gouache on card, 22 x 16 cm (second from right)
Photograph by artist Ruth Solomons (drawing is closest to the right)

The gallery is open from- Monday 1-11, Tuesday-Saturday 12-11, Sunday 12-10 continues until 4th January 2014. See the Lion and Lamb Gallery website for more information about the space.

Monday, 23 December 2013


Artist Andy Parkinson has written a review of Stereoscope at Mrs Rick’s CupboardPrimary on his excellent blog patternsthatconnect

Below are installation views from Stereoscope. The exhibition dates were 25th October - 6th December 2013.

Outside installation shot of exhibition

Installation shot of exhibition with- Rotating Shape

Left view of Stereoscope

Central view of Stereoscope

Tent, 2013

(Left to right) Diamond and Unveil, 2013

(L to R) Split and Monument, 2013

 (L to R) Planet, 2011, Shelter and  Route, 2013

Pink Pyramid, 2011

(L to R) Figure, Flags I and Balance I, 2013

(L to R) Non-Stop Radio and Wobble, 2013

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Crash Open 2013

One of my paintings ‘Over the Hill’ has been selected for this year’s Crash Open 2013 at Charlie Dutton Gallery, London. The panel were artists Phillip Allen and Neal Tait & Time Out Art Editor Martin Coomer.

Andrew Ekins, Angelo Picozzi, Antonia Manoochehri, Archie Franks, Ash Fitzgerald, Ben Cove, Ben James, Bethe Bronson, Charles Williams, Christopher Browne, Covadonga Valdes, Cyrus Shroff, Dan Beard, Daniel Crews-Chubb, David Dipré, David John Beesley, Enzo Marra, Fagner Bibiano Alves, Felicitas Aga, Flo Brooks, Gavin Herrington, Gemma Marmalade, Hamish Mclain, Helen Judge, Howard Rogers, Ikuko Iwameto, Joe Packer, Joel Tomlin, Katerina Kremasioti, Katherine Rose, Kirsty Gash, Laurence Noga, Lee Maelzer, Louisa Chambers, Margot Sanders, Mark John Evans, Matthew Pang, Michael Boffey, Olivia Hicks, Paul Savage, Paula MacArthur, Reka Ritt, Rob Mead, Roger Hopgood, Sarah Sparkes, Selma Parlour, Sian Sims, Tori Brown, Virginia Verran & Wayne Clough

1a Princeton Street, London WC1R 4AX
11th December - 11th January 2014
opening Wednesday 11th December 6-10 pm