Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Wish You Were Here - Interlocking Zigzag, Estuary Festival 2016, Metal

I have been commissioned to design the exterior of a beach hut, the Gallery Hut for Estuary Festival 2016 on behalf of Metal, Southend-on-Sea. 

Wish You Were Here is an installation of ten brand new, cultural Beach Huts installed on the shore-end platform of Southend Pier, bringing the bowling deck platform into use for visitors to the Pier for the next 12 months.

'The starting point of Interlocking Zigzag (the commissioned Gallery Hut) was the idea of Razzle Dazzle camouflage and a reference to Norman Wilkinson’s painted designs on World War One ships. Similarly, I want the hut to dazzle the viewer through the use of the bold pattern and bright colours. The design features a zigzag pattern from a fragment of wrapping paper that I have used as a motif in recent works.'

Currently on exhibition in the Gallery Hut is Billy Childish in Print (A Survey) and continues through until Sunday 2nd October 2016.  For more information about the huts please visit here

See below for images of different viewpoints of the Gallery Hut- Interlocking Zigzag on the Pier.

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