Monday, 11 January 2016

Lift, London Arts Board, Peckham/Camberwell, London

Painting by Louisa Chambers
16th January to 16th February 2016

Lift is a painting from an ongoing series of works by the artist Louisa Chambers that incorporates a simple paper folded form. Focusing on how a folded shape can be transfigured at speed from a temporary structure (three dimensional) into a flat two dimensional space (painting and drawing). Each form can be squashed again, folded, opened, reconfigured and recorded. Coloured patterned tessellations that are on the surface of the paper suggest other spaces, angles and areas of illusion. She is interested in how the marked painted surface can be perceived as a spatial element and how this can interact with figures that are situated in the foreground in a painting. These depicted idiosyncratic shapes and scenes often have been assembled in the artwork to make anthropomorphic forms teetering between abstraction and figuration.

Appropriated references derive from everyday sources, which can be from observation or images that she have retrieved from the internet. This produces juxtaposition between the handmade aesthetic of painting contrasting the instant accessibility of the digital image. Often these invented forms make reference to science fiction, architectonics and landscapes, presenting alternative visual and virtual worlds where structures govern out society and technology rules.

Louisa graduated with an MA in Painting from the Royal College of Art and a BA in Fine Art at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham. She has exhibited her work throughout the UK and has been a finalist in competitions such as Nottingham Castle Open 2015, Nottingham Castle Museum (Purchase Prize Winner, Nottingham 2015), Creekside Open, APT Gallery (London 2015), Zeitgeist Open (London 2012) and John Moores 25 at the Walker Art Gallery in (Liverpool 2008). 

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