Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Three Sides

I recently had the opportunity to experiment with making a series of short animations or ‘moving paintings’ during the Summer Lodge 2015 at Nottingham Trent University. The starting point was a repeated, red and white triangular-patterned, found piece of wrapping paper that I had intentionally folded. This idea derives from the folded, paper forms that I have been reconfiguring, observing and recording them through the mediums of painting and drawing. I am interested in the patterned and coloured surface on these forms but also the in between spaces - the shadows that are cast suggesting other areas of illusion.

I created five short animations and I see them as separate pieces almost as individual moving paintings. The overall title of the series is ‘Three Sides’ referring to the red and white triangular motif that is depicted on the patterned wrapping paper. The triangle is a simple geometric shape but equally it is one of the most important figures in mathematical theory which we frequently encounter throughout our daily life.

For more information about Summer Lodge at Nottingham Trent University visit the website here.

Image of the animations in process, Nottingham Trent University
 Image of the animations in process, Nottingham Trent University
Composition emphasising shapes, texture, folded fabric, patterns and colour

Ghost Shape
Layer I
Layer with Gingham Fabric
Triangles on Zigzag

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