Friday, 22 May 2015

Stand In and In Miniature

See below for images from Stand In and In Miniature which is currently showing at the Small Collections Room, Nottingham Contemporary until 31st May 2015.

You can see more images from the show on my Flickr page.

"Nottingham based artists Craig Fisher and Debra Swann present their work in three cabinets of the Small Collections Room. The exhibition explores their interest in ideas of representation.

In the fourth cabinet Fisher curates a group exhibition In Miniature as part of Fisher’s ongoing curatorial project, Mrs Rick’s Cupboard at Primary. Contemporary artists are asked to develop artworks to be presented within the unconventional gallery setting – a walk in cupboard.

Exhibiting artists: Roy Brown, Louisa Chambers, Laura McCafferty, David Ersser, Lynn Fulton, Kit Poulson, Derek Sprawson, Emma Talbot and Paul Westcombe"

Stand In + In Miniature, Small Collections Room

Installation View Small Collections Room- Craig Fisher + Debra Swann

Stand In- Debra Swann

Stand In- Craig Fisher

Stand In- Craig Fisher

In Miniature- Lynn Fulton, Emma Talbot + Derek Sprawson

In Miniature- Lynn Fulton

In Miniature- Louisa Chambers

In Miniature- Laura McCafferty + David Ersser

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